Early sun-filled mornings with my boys would have to be my favorite part of the day.

Most people aren’t morning people.. Sorry, but I am.

NO. I do not drink coffee in the morning. Hate me. You know you want to.

The perfect start to the day would be credited to these two little people. They just wake up happy. Almost every morning.

So during this warm morning we enjoyed bananas and playing on our new rock pile. Rock pile courtesy of Grandpa.

I had planned to capture me eating bananas with the boys, but as soon as Skyler saw the yellow delight he DEMANDED food in his belly.

Instead I waited til food was over to get in the frame with these two. So I set up the interval shooting on my camera to two images every 2 seconds. One of the amazing perks to having a Nikon D750. It even auto focuses during these shots.

I just placed my camera on a chair, set up my number of shots and started playing with my toddlers.


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