We have kept a family tradition since I was a baby.

Summer camping.

Growing up I remember camping in all types of weather. We lived in Oregon when I was younger, and I became very accustomed to playing cards under tarps. We found ways to stay occupied while it rained all day and night. We should have invested in ScotchGuard stocks.

This year we spent our fourth of July holiday camping down in Mountain Home, Arkansas.

Every day a storm had blown through and drenched our campsite. The first morning caught us off guard and completely spooked the boys. I was still sleeping when all hell broke loose. It was quite the adventure, and for us it was just the normal excitement that came along with camping.

Some people don’t quite understand, but it’s the simple things in life… like trying to keep your tent from blowing away.

As your children cling to your legs, screaming.

Luckily for us, our boys are early birds. So every morning we would take them on a stroll down to the boat docks. The peace and quiet of the morning lake kept them in a trance. The smooth water would betray any movement underneath. We spotted many baby turtles. When they spotted us in return, they would awkwardly try to force their little bodies back into the depths of the water.

Toddler turtles.

Our stay was full of adventure for the boys and quite a bit of work for us parents. Some how we still managed to find some time for ourselves late at night.

I can’t wait for next year.

We highly recommend Jordan Marina on Norfork Lake in Northern Arkansas. I grew up spending most summers on Norfork Lake. Driving the boat out to Sandy Island. Buying ice cream at the Jordan Marina boat dock. Morning walks on the boat dock… evening dips at the boat dock.


Sunscreen, boat docks, the breeze from the boat, and diving in the middle of the lake trying to find a cold spot deep in the water.


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